Import and Export

Volera Enterprises offers a multitude of services to clients looking for import and export solutions. We provide financial consulting throughout the process to minimize effort on part of the client, and help them navigate the unfamiliar legal territory that comes with operating in a foreign country. Most of our clients transport goods between South Asia and North America/Europe, but we are able to apply our expertise anywhere in the world.

Real Estate Development

We specialize in developing untapped real estate into modern neighborhoods. We also offer comprehensive renovation services for dated residential and commercial buildings. In addition to our expertise in large-scale projects for businesses and organizations, our services are also available to individual homeowners and families.

Energy Development

Volera Enterprises, through its energy partners, specializes in power projects in developing regions. We are capable of performing feasibility studies and profitability forecasting for a given area and project size. Our clients consult with us during the implementation of power projects and Volera provides technical expertise during the entire process.

Security Equipment Supply

Volera Enterprises has a robust security division that provides our clients with a wide-ranging equipment selection, and all ancillary services required to enable the sourcing and maintenance of such equipment. Our customers repeatedly choose Volera to satisfy their equipment needs due to the knowledge, expertise, and combined experience of our staff.

Sustainable Energy

At Volera, we give environmental sustainability the utmost importance. Our energy partners design, develop, and implement plans for environmentally conscious power generation and transportation. These projects, upon completion, spur economic activity in their surroundings and bring prosperity to nearby towns and communities. Some examples of these projects include

  • Smart houses equipped with energy conservation systems
  • Sustainable farms featuring self-sustaining ecosystems powered by renewable energy
  • Railway systems powered by renewable energy and capable of transporting stored energy
  • Retrofitting of existing buildings with energy conservation systems

Consulting Services

Volera Enterprises offers consulting services in all the preceding fields to many different business types. Our teams, with their dynamic training and valuable experience, are skilled at performing due diligence processes to gain an accurate understanding of our clients’ needs. Using superior tools and techniques, they are able to deliver customized long- and short- term solutions that produce sound results.